Double Storey House Designs

The Latest And Most Popular Double Storey House Plans In Newcastle

Beautiful Double Storey House Designs in Newcastle

Get your new dream home with a beautiful design and plenty of luxuries. Our double storey house designs have everything you want, including classic features like hardwood floors and high-quality fixtures all at an affordable cost!

Why should you opt for a modern double-storey home? Our construction team at Clark Building Services will tell you that it offers many benefits, not the least of which is peace and quiet. With all your bedrooms upstairs (including an ensuite bathroom) there won’t be any more intrusions from siblings or young children wanting to get into bed with them in the middle of the night!

Our design studio has created plans tailored specifically to suit Australian families – they have considered everything including large open living spaces downstairs so kids can play independently while mum cooks up breakfast on her own level; big enough kitchens where every member can work together simultaneously without being under each other’s feet; generous outdoor areas perfect for entertaining friends and family over summer barbecues.

Create multipurpose spaces to suit all your needs

Melbourne’s two storey homes come in many different shapes and sizes. However, when it comes to choice of design or plan for your home you are not limited to just one option: there is a diverse range of options that we can build with our double-storey house builder Newcastle office. These include everything from modern designs through old world charm right down to the more contemporary styles available today; whatever best fits into your taste as well as lifestyle will be perfect!

Privacy is a must for any successful home design

Choose one of our carefully crafted Double Storey House Designs which will give you plenty of options for future expansion as well as leaving room in each home plan’s footprint to add an outdoor deck or entertainment area at some point in time down the line-allowing those who need it, more than enough light and air without sacrificing on square footage!

If you’re looking to design your dream home that meets all of your family’s personal and professional needs, then consider this beautifully crafted modern double storey house in Newcastle. The floorplan is designed not just to be aesthetically pleasing but also practical as well- the upstairs bedrooms are away from the other living spaces so it’ll help keep noise levels down when hosting parties or having extended guests over, without disturbing those who need their space most.

Double storey home plans for a small land area

If you have little space on your property, but still want to fit the same number of rooms (or more!), why not take advantage of every inch? A double-storey house is perfect for homes needing less room. Your floor plan will be crafted by professionals who know how to squeeze in as much living and storage space into an area without feeling too cramped or crowded. They’ve got plenty of experience building spaces that feel open and inviting even when they’re small!

Make the right decision

One of the most important decisions you will make in your life is choosing a home to call your own. The design and plan you ultimately choose should reflect what type of lifestyle or personality that reflects who are and how much time do want to spend at home each day. Take some time, explore all the options with care so that when it comes down to making an informed decision about which one offers everything for you -you won’t be sorry!

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