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How To Create A Floor Plan For Your Northern Winter Sun

The sun can be an asset as well as a nuisance! When your floor plan is not optimized for the movements of this powerful force, you may find yourself spending time at home during hours that are too hot or cold. It’s important to design your space so it will work with the natural elements and let in just enough light when needed. Newcastle Designs has been around for over twenty years and we’re experts in designing homes that are both functional and beautiful.

After looking at the position of your property, our designers will choose a north point to help inform where you want rooms placed within the home because it’s important not only how they work but also what type of windows or materials should be used. For reliable company reports for Newcastle Designs Limited in the Construction industry visit Clark Building Services.

How to orient your floorplan correctly for the best results

By orienting your home correctly, you can unlock the true potential of comfort and liveability. You’ll enjoy ample natural light because it will come in from all sides instead of just one end through windows or skylights; a better ambient temperature thanks to increased exposure to sunlight with less solar heat gain on textured surfaces like brick walls, concrete floors etc.; and more usable space inside as well as outside if there is an outdoor living area.

It’s no secret that sunlight is important to your health and wellbeing, but it can also be a key factor in the way you feel about your home. This is particularly true during winter when daylight hours are shorter; while some sunshine will always find its way into one or two rooms of every house, choosing the right north point for all windows ensures maximum natural light coming through at any time throughout day and night. A properly situated home has morning sun shining down on kitchen counters where breakfast usually takes place as well as evening sun flooding living areas with warmth after dinner – filling up evenings by reading under soft lamps instead of not being able to read because liveliness fades away too early!

You would be surprised how much difference a north-facing room can make when it comes to outdoor living. One of the first things you should do is decide which way your house will face and then use that as an opportunity to design every aspect of your space from patios, decks, fire pits etc. If you’re going to spend any time outside in the winter months or just want some shelter for those sudden spring storms these areas are crucial!

To get the most out of those long afternoons, you might want to orient your living spaces in a way that catches and retains the warmth from winter sun. This is because they are designed with spring and summer weather conditions in mind – which means keeping them cool during hot days without being over exposed at night for maximum comfort all year round (especially if you’re one who loves spending time outdoors).

Orient your home for optimum energy efficiency

Orienting your home correctly is a sustainable choice and one of the most obvious benefits is saving money on power bills. You won’t have to turn on the air conditioning or heating as often, which means you get natural sunlight in your house more frequently. There are also lifestyle advantages like being able to open up windows and doors without shutting off from nature

As well as considering comfort and liveability, it’s important to understand that orienting your home correctly can lead not only to helping with sustainability but also save you money!

The energy consumption of your home is determined by its orientation. New builders should be aware that placing a house in the wrong spot will lead to higher construction costs. This happens because there are often state-specific energy standards, and if you don’t get it right from day one, then this usually means following these requirements with more expensive insulation or air conditioning systems for example.

Unleash the full potential of your site with Clark Building Services

At Clarke Building Services we are here to help you get the most out of your property. We’ve found that some home designs work better than others when it comes to maximising space and finding natural light in every room, so we want you to choose wisely! It’s important to think carefully about your floor plans before construction starts, taking into consideration what direction north points are facing as soon as possible after receiving this information from the designer or architect. Not all designers do this; too often builders end up making costly mistakes because they didn’t know where their house was going beforehand – thankfully at Clark Building Services we don’t make these types of errors.

The final result is a home that will feel like an oasis, with spaces you’ll love spending time in every second of the day.

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