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5 Tips For A Successful Residential Renovation Project

A residential renovation project for your home could be just the thing you and your family need to spice up a boring lifestyle. Additions can add new functional spaces that will enhance everyday life, or even help increase the resale value when it’s time for another change; all while giving you more space!

Here are five ways a residential renovation project might benefit your property:

Get the facts before you decide

For a rewarding and beautiful residential renovation project, understanding your market is key. Whether you have an outdoor space for the kids to run around or some extra room for guests coming over this summer, if done right with careful research into what the current trends are in design features that make resale values higher – it could be just what all of those involved need!

Boost the appeal of your outdoor area

You may not think about your yard as an extension of the living space in your home, but it can be! Style a deck or patio with lighting and furnishings that will let you enjoy being outside all year long. It’s easy to forget some amenities for relaxing outdoors like shade from trees so make sure to add deciduous plants near seating areas because they provide cover during hot days while still letting light come through on cloudy ones.

The wonderful thing about designing an outdoor living space is that you can enjoy it all year round. With the right heating and cooling options, your outside area will be a viable place to relax during any season!

Build up for more living space

So, you don’t want to lose your outdoor space but also need more living room? That’s not a problem! The air above your home is yours to enjoy and so with an extension on top of the house you can get it all! But there are some requirements that have to be met before getting building approval. Why not look for someone experienced in this sort of thing who knows what they’re doing; after all, how hard could it be right?

Why a granny flat is the perfect solution for your home

In the modern day, with more and more people living in tight spaces through a combination of vertical condominiums, granny flats are becoming an increasingly popular option. Granny flats can function as additional private quarters for adult kids or older relatives that live nearby when they need to come home from work late at night or if their office is just too far away on any given working-day.

In today’s age where many families have multiple generations under one roof (or even within walking distance) getting your very own studio apartment might be appealing but every square foot counts! A grannie flat will allow you all the comforts of having your own space without feeling like it impinges on what someone else needs access to in order to get by – whether it’s for their own needs, or just to have some time away.

Roof extension & renovation experts

Australians are living in homes with unused roof space, which is an otherwise untapped resource. Having your own space can be really appealing in today’s age of multi-generational living, but every single square foot on the property counts. Taking advantage of an underused section of your home (like a loft or balcony) could provide you with all the comforts of having a new room without losing any other spaces crucial for other members’ needs.

This is an affordable option when considering the cost involved with other types of residential renovation project designs.

If you’re looking to add on more spaces to your Australian home (either by renovating and extending), make sure you get in touch with our team at Clark Building Services today! We have over 10 years of experience working within this field so we’ll be able to guide you through each process from start to finish – making it as easy for everyone involved as possible.

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